KMITL’s very great…First Prototype Research of Thai “Energy Saving Air Conditioner” reduces global warming – ten thousand of money saving


Bangkok, April 7, 2017- King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology (KMITL) displayed the prototype energy saving air conditioner which was the work of the students of Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering. It is the first one of Thailand. It can save energy and can reduce energy loss by using “Back to Back Convertor” under the compressor revolution speed controller to keep temperature stable and also can reduce energy consuming 50%, moreover, the remain one will be circulated to other appliances. From the testing on 38,600 BTU air conditioner adapted to be inverter system and connected to electric energy controller or the developed active front end that is installed additional functions, it could show that 1.7 KW energy reducing can be provided with higher virtual electric energy flowing to electric system of house. It can save money for more 30,000 baht yearly.

 Vice Prof. Dr. Surin Khomfoi, KMITL’s vice president and instructor in Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) said that in summer especially in April yearly, highest electricity usage is happened. It appears that on April 19,2016, the highest average peak of the year appeared at 28,351.7 Mega Watts while the overall electricity producing capability from every generating station over the country was at 41.242.25 Mega Watts. However, the overall capability could be enough for distribution, but if separately consider only that of EGAT (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand), it could stay only at 16,071.13 Mega Watts or at 39% of the total one. In the summer time of each year, there will be special campaign to asked for people to practice energy saving in many manners, especially, the manner of air conditioner usage; actually, air conditioners are necessarily used in many places such as in commercial places or in industries. This appliance will consume very high electricity power, normally.  

Additionally, it is beneficial for promoting of higher energy saving practice, the behavior of using only necessary electric appliances. Division of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, KMITL then has studied and developed the prototype energy saving air conditioner on “the Project of Prototype Machine of Virtual Electric Power Compensation with Convertor of the Air Conditioner”. The project one is not only to reduce the electric power usage for cooling system but also to reuse the reduced power transferred into electric circuit of house. It will be helpful for energy and money savings, and for stabilization of the power to be at the safety level. It must be helpful for appliance duration and short circuit protection, as well.

 “ …The research of the study of the pattern of compensating virtual electric power using inverter of air conditioner for being applied in house usage is the work of the 4th year Electrical Engineering students of KMITL. The special of the research on the energy saving air conditioner is that it is the usage of the saved energy from the inverter actually that of commercial store can provide only at 30% while the research one at 50%. Moreover, the research team can discover the way for bringing the remain energy of 50% back to get more usage by installation of virtual electric controller to send it back to house’s circuit. The prototype one then must be the way of intensive electric usage at highest utilization. It must increase efficiency of overall electric system and reduce household daily cost as well..” said  the KMITL’s Vice President.

 Ms.Rossarin Ujjariyaboonyong, the 4th year student of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, KMITL, one of the researchers of the team of the Project, her friends and her senior master students, additionally explains that the prototype virtual electric compensator by using invertor of the air conditioner is developed to be helpful for electricity loss reduction for household and for improvement of voltage for smart home and general home. For the project, “Back to Back convertor circuit” is applied for compressor revolution speed controlling to maintain the proper temperature as needed. It also can send virtual electric power for power compensating for any load in household usage. The result from the test on the adapted air conditioner of 38,600 BTU 3 phases 380 volts to be the inverter air conditioner and connected to virtual electricity power controller or active  front end with installed additional functions can show that the it can functionally provide power reduction and power sending back for household usage.

“when we adapt general air conditioner to be that of invertor, the adapted one can reduce energy usage at 50%, and reduce energy loss at 7.5%, when the active front end device is added, the system will reuse more 50% power that should be useless drained, the reused one will return to be virtual power and able to distribute into household circuit suddenly. From the on big air condition system of 38,600 BTU actually installed in big industrials or big house, it can save at 1,7 KW, really. And also, it can provide virtual one to house simultaneously. From primary evaluation, it show that it can provide energy saving in the lab at about 34,000 Baht yearly and the break-even point will be at 3 years. For smaller house using air conditioner of 12,000 BTU, if the developed one is going to be applied, it should provide cost saving at about 6,700 Baht yearly and the break-even point will be at 3 years and 6 months” said Ms.Rossarin.

 Moreover, Prof.Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat, president of KMITL additionally said that the increasing of electricity usage efficiency using modern technology and innovation with the goal of energy and cost savings at highest level should be the pattern that industries over the world must follow for the effective development and for serving modern consumer. It could be accordant to curriculum and learning pattern of KMITL that focus on utilization of invention and research for development of prototype innovation of energy saving and for continuing to that of commercial. Moreover, KMITL also supports usage of circulating energy usage especially solar energy through application of solar energy house smart style to study pattern of solar cell energy producing and to develop proper prototype innovation of energy utilization improvement at most utilization degree.

Students, parents, and any people can get information more at  the General Administration and Public Relations Office, KMITL, Tel. 02-329-8111 or visit


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